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A Note From Nicola

As a success coach to elite athletes, I give my clients the cutting edge tools and strategies to develop and maintain a premier mindset that supports their peak performance on the field and in life.

I offer a powerful combination of sports psychology tools and emotional intelligence skills to create balance within your mind, body, feelings, and intention. This balance opens the door to a truer and more expanded vision of your potential. With this vision, we then create a training style that paves the way for optimal performance in every area of your life.

My clients create the conditions to thrive in all areas without compromises. Will you become a better athlete if you work with me? Yes, without a doubt. You’ll also become a more integrated person, which creates a happier, healthier and more successful life.

I’ll continually encourage you to reach both deeper and higher in your commitment to success. Our coaching container will stretch and expand to match your evolution, and you will find yourself consistently at your growth edge. Together we’ll get you to where you desire to be. And then we’ll discover where you’d like to go next.

I work with elite athletes and organizations who are hungry for the next level, and who are willing to question any way of thinking or being that is an obstacle to their victory. Contact me, and we’ll talk about what success means to you. Then we’ll make it happen.

- Nicola Albini

"You can have your excuses or your dreams.
You cannot have both."

- Nicola Albini

About Nicola Albini, JD, MA

Success Coach to Elite and Professional Athletes

Nicola is a success coach and high performance strategist to elite and professional athletes and athletic organizations. He expertly guides individuals, teams, and organizations to refine and expand what success means both on and off the field, so that their full potential is 100% actualized.

Nicola Albini brings decades of competitive athletic experience and over 15 years in business to leaders and organizational coaching clients. Italian by birth, Nicola works with an international client base, primarily in North America and Europe.

Expert at peak performance strategy in competitive sports, life, and business, Nicola guides his clients to successfully navigate the complex dynamics of athleticism and leadership on and off the field. Before training as a success coach, Nicola completed an Ironman and dozens of triathlons, and was an elite amateur golf player, an avid soccer player and skier.

He serves as executive and on the board of directors of his family’s privately held international freight forwarding company, a multi-million-dollar-business with 1000+ employees worldwide. He’s a former board member of several successful international corporations (Polimoda, Florence, IT; Consiagnet, Prato, Tuscany) and former co-owner of an Italian startup telecom and media company that was successfully sold after 3 years.

After spending most of his life in his native Italy, Nicola moved to the U.S. in 2005, and as of 2013 is a dual U.S.-Italian citizen. He lives in Santa Monica, California, and works with clients in the L.A. area and worldwide.

Get In The Zone!

Unique tools for success on and off the field

Peak Performance

Ride your own personal edge, physically and mentally. Exceed your potential. Understand how the mind works in order to remove the barriers standing between you and ultimate success. Tackle inner fears, establish purpose, and play every game as if it was your last.

Enneagram Assessment

Discover what truly motivates and inspires you in order to reach your full potential. The Enneagram explains why you do what you do. It points out your blind spots and defines your biggest challenges as well as your biggest gifts. Self-Aware, Emotionally Intelligent Athletes Create Outstanding Results.

Stress Management

Transform your stress into joy, excitement and energy. Learn strategies to eliminate stress and transform stressful circumstances into exciting challenges instead. Understand what the biggest sources of stress are and work on the mental level to release them. Then, work on the inner level to develop mindfulness, breath, and skills to stay present.

Culture Change and Team Building

Improve the dynamic and culture of your team. Define and align the core values, vision and purpose of the organization. Elevate the organization through conscious leadership and authentic empowerment where coaches educate and athletes thrive.

Career Transitions

If you’re transitioning into professional sports, find the skills to manage a new life. If you’re retiring from the world of sports, adapt, adjust and align to a new set of challenges.


Play and live 'Above the Line' to create a culture of success. Learn to take complete responsibility for your actions and results. Discover why integrity matters. Create a winning culture through curiosity and clarity. Learn how to make agreements that eliminate drama.

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